Variedad Aceituna Picual

Limited Edition

Recogida y seleccionada a mano en el momento justo de maduración, obtenemos el zumo de nuestros mejores olivos de la variedad Picual.

Obtenido directamente de aceitunas y solo mediante procedimientos mecánicos. Extracción en frío.

Spain Product / Alcalá la Real / Jaén

aceituna picual aceite
Supreme Quality

Inherente al producto. La calidad forma parte del ADN de la marca ACEITUNO desde su elaboración artesana y cuidada.


Its design, its personalized packaging and its creative conception are at the forefront of innovation.


Characteristic of the limited edition that defines it. It is something ephemeral and has a special value for our customers.

Family crafts

Nacido en el seno de una familia de productores y con mucha emoción que transmitir, alberga una gran historia.

aceituna picual aove

Aceituno “Verde Linaje”

It is an extra virgin olive oil of Premium category, cold extracted from our best olives of the picual variety, collected early, just at the beginning of the envero phase, when the olive is still green, before the fruit begins to color and the chlorophyll is destroyed.

At this time, the olive has not yet accumulated much of its oil, its yields are very low, but this is of the highest quality with a very high content of alpha tocopherol, being an authentic olive juice, a highly healthy product, a natural antidote against cellular aging, due to its high content in Vitamin E and its antioxidant properties, its cardiovascular benefits, its anti-inflammatory power.

Also, its high content of polyphenols makes it a very stable oil, retaining its properties during its commercial life.