The Aceituno Family

The last name Aceituno is synonymous with olive. The Egyptian “Zaitun” comes from, which means “wild olive”, a family name that perfectly defines this family from Vienna with a marked olive tradition.

For decades, the Aceituno-García family has taken care of the lands with care to obtain the best fruit. Several generations linked to the cultivation and tillage of the land, in a traditional way, as they are farms of “mountain olive groves” where the main tool was the hand of man.

Four elements converge in the gestation of these fruits.

  Lands, grateful, dryland crops that year after year take their crops forward thanks to their vegetable covers that allow to keep moisture and freshness and nourish the plant in the hottest months.

    Water, that without falling abundantly or torrentially, makes its presence in its fair measure in the mountains of the Sierra Sur, keeping the plant hydrated throughout the year without the need for irrigation, unlike other countryside areas.

   Wind, soft, that rocks the plant, the oxygen, refreshes it and gives it vitality contributing to its growth. Surrounded by Mediterranean mountains and without any contamination due to lack of industrial activity around them, the olive trees of the Sierra Sur dance to the sound of the gentle mountain breeze, showing the silvery underside of the picual variety leaf, so they receive the nickname of “snowfall”.

    Fuego, el sol de los meses estivales propicia una temperatura ideal en el momento de la floración acelerando la gestación del fruto. Se trata de un clima mediterráneo de interior, pero sin azotar en exceso la planta gracias a la frescura que le aporta la proximidad a la montaña, lo que permite a su vez, disponer de un fruto verde en fechas en las que en la mayoría de lugares ya está maduro, y del que se obtiene este AOVE, de un color verde intenso, el que le proporciona el alto índice de clorofila y polifenoles que contiene, y destacando especialmente por su enorme contenido en alfa-tocoferol (vitamina E) lo que hacen del AOVE ACEITUNO un zumo de aceituna fresco, con un sabor equilibrado en intensidad y unos aromas afrutados que evocan a hierba recién cortada, hoja, rama de olivo… altamente saludable al tratarse de un antioxidante natural para nuestro organismo.

The new Generation

UNOACEIT born of the need to continue hard work throughout the history of our family in the cultivation of the olive grove and the olive harvest, our symbol of identity.

For generations, these mountain lands were carved by hand, plowed by means of beasts, dug by hoe, fertilized with natural manure, … preparing their roofs, to obtain from their olive trees the best fruits, olives traditionally beached with chestnut rods, harvested from the ground one by one in esparto spurs.

Ese concepto de olivar tradicional fue cambiando ligeramente, pues el escarpado terreno no permite mayor mecanización, pero siempre, faltó la última fase del proceso, la obtención de nuestro propio AOVE. Ese trabajo duro siempre estuvo falto de continuidad, pues finalizaba tras la recolección y el traslado al molino, donde otras manos se encargaban de obtener el producto con los frutos de todos los cosecheros.

Our Philosophy

From that need, to complete the entire process, to see the fruit of so much dedication and work, to give a new generational change so that these lands remain in the hands of the family, born ACEITUNO, our own oil, for which the Lands with care, those trees that will provide each campaign with the best fruits are selected, depending on the weather, the terrain, the precise time of harvest is chosen, with the appropriate temperature, ensuring that the fruit does not suffer any erosion and is transferred to the oil mill in hours, in the best conditions, for its milling at the moment, thus keeping all its properties intact. A new approach to maintaining the traditional olive grove, to get the best of it and make it arrive exclusively, through limited production, to the best tables in the world.

Esa es nuestra filosofía, un trabajo bien hecho para sacar un producto exclusivo, al alcance de los paladares más exquisitos.